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Advice how to study these words.

Use the table below to look at the words and their meaning

Look closely at the spelling, memorise it.

Some words have images, make sure you can recognise it!

Use 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' - Look at the word and meaning, cover it up, (or look away - but don't cheat!) Write as much of it as you can remember, then check if you were correct.

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WordMeaningImage / Link
A CapellaWithout accompaniment from musical instruments i.e. voices only.
AppraisingListening carefully
ArrangementsHow voices and instruments are used in a song; where they occur within the song.
BackingThe accompaniment to a song
BalanceThe level of volume at which players sing or play; if the balance is good then everyone can be heard.
BalladA gentle love song.
BandPlaying/singing/performing together.
Bridge Middle 8Contrasting section which leads back to main material.
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