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Differentiated Levels of Learning

Our keyword lists are broken down into three levels of difficulty. Each set of words includes detailed descriptions, images and video. Every set of keywords now has an accompanying video explainer. Over 3 hours of video to support student learning.


Foundation level includes 56 words designed for students starting their musical journey, each word is illustrated with an image to help recall.


Developing level adds 350 new words for students to master, these are words students in KS3 and KS4 would need to understand to be successful.


Professional level brings 346 additional words which delve deeper into the world of music including international terminology and phrases.

Why choose to learn with Music Homework?

Detailed Analytics

When you subscribe you will be given personalied group pages for your classes, these include detailed analytics to enable you to track your students with ease.

Offline Learning

Should you have learners who are not able to access the internet at home you can print all of our keyword lists for them to learn at home and take the quiz when in school